WASD: Move

Left Click: Shoot and navigate through menus.

P: Pause (Change Sensitivity in pause menu)

Due to a Unity WebGl bug, the base sensitivity is increased, this can be changed in the pause menu.  Not present in the windows build.

Created as a school project in 3 days.

Music: recreation of "Bloodmoon" by Dancing with the Dead by me.


An unknown virus escaped from one X-LAB Inc top-secret facility during development of what is currently known by the press to be a biological weapon. The mysterious virus is highly contagious and produces grotesque mutations in the human body. X-LAB Inc did not comment on the accusations made earlier this morning by protesters all across the country demanding answers. A whistleblower who alerted the authorities about the incident days before was found dead today in his apartment. The government confirmed that some X-Lab executives are being investigated for the incident, and a special task force was created with the sole objective of investigating this incident. The last report from an X-Lab employee stated that nothing survived and humanoid monsters are governing the facility. You are being sent to seek and collect samples of the virus before it's too late. Good Luck.


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Thanks for playing! I’m really glad you enjoyed playing and made a video about it.

It's so fun, I want to do it in earnest. I want to recommend
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